How I scored My Dream Job -
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How I scored My Dream Job

I’ve always wanted to live in New York, but have been stuck in Utah for one reason or another.  However, I made a goal when I moved out of my parent’s house: When I planted myself to really grow permanent roots, it’d be as part of the city that never sleeps.  Since then, I’ve crossed off approx a million “to-do’s” that needed to be completed before I could move.  Little things like understanding SLC’s grid system and big things like saving $10k. Graduating, was one of the “big things,” and one year before my scheduled grad date, I sat down and wrote out a full game plan for getting to NYC. About four months before the target move date was when I decided it was time to start job hunting.  I figured it must be a numbers game in a big city like NYC.  If I could apply to 50+ different places, at least one would HAVE TO notice me, right? …wrong. I applied for over 100 different jobs with keyword-filled, professionally-vetted applications over the span of 30 days. And didn’t hear anything back, aside from the automated “-you have not been selected to move forward…”  

That’s when I decided to shift gears and put everything I had into trying to stand out.  I put together a full website that detailed my accomplishments, education and professional experience. Made profiles on every job board and networking platform I could find. 

As I was brainstorming how to 1) get in front of as many hiring managers as possible, and 2) stand out, the idea came to me in one of those “oh.. of course!” moments. I’d run a digital ad campaign!  What more efficient way is there, to jump out at as many people as possible while proving I have in-depth advertising experience and knowledge?  Through Linked-in, I created a business profile linked to my personal website.  Then targeted HR professionals with job titles such as “executive. manager,…” within the NYC zip codes.  I created custom ads targeting users who listed one of the companies I’d applied for, as their current employer. From Amazon, to Viacom, I plastered HR newsfeeds with my original copywriting and creative work.  Driving high-intent traffic to my portfolio/resume website 

I was contacted by several executives at the companies I targeted.  And while I was half-expecting only to receive lawsuit threats for copyright violation, every single comment and message ended up being positive and praising.  

Today I work in my dream position at a company that couldn’t be a better fit for me. I have an office that’s just a quick walk from my house, and I’m convinced I live in the very best part of the city. I work every day with a variety of brands that I love, and I get to strategize across all the channels and platforms that I used to explore just for fun.  

Here are some of the ads that I ran to target different companies. My strategy was to build creative that mimicked the branding of whatever company the audience currently worked for.  The hiring managers that were served their own ad, would then stop and investigate without question. Not only should their own campaigns never be served internally, but it also shouldn’t be one that they don’t recognize! Some of them are pretty cheesy ..but hey, it worked! 

Leave a comment and tell me which is your favorite!

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