Teva Paid Media Strategy: AI Integration

In a transformative project for Teva Footwear, I spearheaded the integration of AI into the company’s paid media strategy, aiming to enhance customer targeting, personalize content, and streamline execution to drive new buyer acquisition and re-engage lapsed customers.

Client: Teva, Deckers Date: Summer 2023 Services: Tech Integration, Media Strategy

The plan, set for the Summer Push of 2024, strategically allocated an $8M budget towards increasing brand awareness and expanding market share in the growing hiking and trail footwear market. Post-implementation results were impressive, with Teva experiencing a 27% uplift in brand awareness, a 38% increase in new customer acquisition, and a 16% rise in repurchase rates, significantly outperforming the industry’s average growth rate. This successful integration not only set a new benchmark for marketing efficiency within the outdoor footwear industry but also solidified Teva’s position as a technologically forward-thinking leader in customer engagement.