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Digital marketing strategist and AI enthusiast. Helping brands leverage technology to drive growth & innovation at scale.

future forward strategy

Turning Data into Dynamic Engagement

With a unique blend of creativity, analytics, engineering, research, and tech expertise, I am perfectly positioned to navigate today’s evolving marketing landscape. My passion for AI and advanced modeling empowers me to develop real-time, personalized engagement strategies grounded in a sophisticated understanding of user behavior.

By integrating these cutting-edge technologies with a comprehensive omni-channel approach, I deliver future-proof, data-driven strategies that meet and exceed business objectives. My extensive experience in both client-facing roles and backend tech solutions allows me to see the big picture and devise strategies that are as innovative as they are effective.

Recent Projects

I was honored to be recognized as one of Performance Marketing World’s “30 Under 30” for my innovative approach to digital marketing and AI integration. This accolade highlights my contributions to driving growth and innovation in the industry.

“As advanced modeling automates tasks like reporting and bid optimization, the media manager’s strategic role becomes crucial. Acting as the program’s ‘nucleus,’ they blend big-picture insights with detailed oversight, enabling agile, data-driven decisions that drive the program forward.”

Digital Strategy Innovation Panels

Tinuiti, Inc.

Breckon leads a team of more than 50 digital marketers, spearheading omnichannel strategy across 4 platforms, 11 countries, and multi-million dollar media budgets. 

Industry Judging Panel

PMW, 2022

Noteworthy Expertise

I bring a unique combination of design acumen, statistical expertise, cross-channel strategy, and advanced Martech and AI skills, making me the ideal digital strategist to drive innovative, data-driven marketing solutions and exceed client objectives.

Creative Vision & AI Tools

Possesses a keen eye for design and expertise with industry-standard creative tools, including cutting-edge generative AI tech.

Data-Driven Insights

Statistician with advanced modeling expertise and over 8 years of experience translating performance data into actionable business strategies.

Strategic Leadership

Cross-channel digital strategist with nearly a decade of experience delivering program strategies and providing trusted client guidance to exceed objectives.

Martech & Innovation

Martech engineer and generative AI enthusiast, leading tech teams to integrate sophisticated tools for efficient automation and maximized customer engagement.

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